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Criminals in the 1930's
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Welcome to my web site!

For my project at school i decided to research criminals from the 1930's. On this site you can learn all about Al Capone, John Dillinger, and other top criminals from that time period.

          Letters to Al Capone from Torrio


For Al Capone,

        I can’t believe Big Jim’s business is actually a big success. I talked to my finical advisor and he said that were earning an estimated 4 million a year, I’m racking in the big bucks. Anyways I wrote to you about the family, and your job. I know that with you and Mae and the baby and all, you don’t have the finical support you need. So I’m being nice and offering you the job of your dreams. I just opened three new brothels; I need you to manage them. How does 50,000 bucks sound to manage them for about a year? You think about it and write back okay. This is a big window of opportunity for you al.

 Your old friend,                       Torrio




To Torrio,

Me and Mae thought over it. We decided that she and the baby would move to Chicago and ill take the job. Don’t think it’s for you or me; it’s for Mae and the baby. Ill find you once we get there, don’t worry, I will find you.

 From your friend,

       Al Capone

Main criminals from the 1930's
# 1: John Dillinger - bank robber
# 2: Al Capone - running illegal brothels
# 3: Barkergang - a smaller family of criminals
# 4: Pretty Boy Floyd - small bank robber
# 5: Bonnie and Clyde - criminal couple
# 6: Baby Face Nelson - Dillingers top thug

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